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Friday, March 01, 2024

Submit a Classified Ad


The deadline for Monday is the previous Thursday by 4pm.

We appreciate your interest in The Independent Florida Alligator. The Alligator is an independent paper published in the University of Florida community and is considered UF's student paper. The paper has been in existence since 1906 and has the largest circulation of any college newspaper in the country.

The following are the basics of what you need to know to place a classified ad.

Circulation/Publication Information

  • The Alligator is published primarily according to the UF class schedule.
  • Currently Mondays only.
  • Circulation = 14,000 copies each day
  • We do not print during holidays, spring break or semester breaks.
  • The Alligator is a free paper distributed to over 350 locations, citywide in the metropolitan Gainesville area with a concentration in the campus and downtown areas. Our website is up 24/7.


For ads to start on Monday, deadline is Thursday by 4pm.


Basic size ad - 5 lines/32 characters per line (a character being letter, space, punctuation, or number. capital letters count as 2 character spaces.)

Note: Prices below are for consecutive run dates.

Prices below are for print version only. To add the web version, add 50% to the price.

  • 1 day = $8.00
  • 2 days = $15.00
  • 3 days = $20.00
  • 4 days = $25.00
  • 5 days = $30.00
  • Additional day after 5 = $3.00 each

Additional lines over the first 5 are $2.00 per additional line per day

Optional design elements are offered for use in your ad with no additional cost. These are:

  • Bullets
  • Stars
  • Checkmarks

These elements count as two character spaces.

Logos can be used in your ad. A logo counts as five lines of your ad and has an additional $5.00 charge.

We do not design logos. You must provide us with a camera-ready black and white .jpg.

Larger fonts are available as follows.

  • 7 point font is standard size for classified ads with each line having approximately 32 characters
  • 10 point font counts as 2 lines and has a width of approximately 22 characters
  • 14 point font counts as 3 lines and has a width of approximately 16 characters
  • 18 point font counts as 4 lines and has a width of approximately 12 characters
  • 24 point font counts as 5 lines and has a width of approximately 9 characters

Please contact the office for additional information regarding font sizes samples. Note: font sizes cannot be mixed on one line.

Bold print in any part or your entire ad adds an additional 50% to the subtotal.

Centering of type or elements adds a one-time charge of $4.00. As long as your ad runs consecutively you are not re-charged for this.

Classification choices are as follows:

  1. for rent unfurnished
  2. for rent unfurnished
  3. sublease
  4. roommates
  5. real estate
  6. household items
  7. computer
  8. electronics
  9. bicycles
  10. for sale
  11. mopeds/motorcycles
  12. automobiles
  13. wanted
  14. help wanted
  15. services
  16. health services
  17. typing services
  18. personals
  19. connections
  20. events/notices
  21. entertainment
  22. tickets
  23. rides
  24. pets
  25. lost/found

Making changes in your ad: You may make up to 3 minor changes in your ad at any time for a fee of $2.00. Changes for the next day's paper must be made before noon.

Corrections due to typos, which are the fault of the Alligator, are done at no charge. The time schedule still applies. You must check your ad for typos and report them on the first day the ad runs. The Alligator is only responsible for typos on the first day and will only compensate by extending the ad one additional day.

Renewing an ad. Ads may be renewed. You may add days to the current run time. Cost is based on the size of the ad. A basic ad renewed on time is $3.00 per additional day. An ad can continually be renewed.

Renewal deadlines are as follows:

Ad must be renewed by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday prior to the next run date Monday to receive th renewal rates.

Note: if you miss your renewal deadline your ad will have been deleted. You may still run your ad again, however, it will become a new ad and subject to the costs and deadlines of a new ad.

There may be alternate deadlines when special issues or holidays are involved.

Canceling an ad. You may cancel your ad anytime. Cancellations for the next day's paper must be made before noon. After noon, cancellations will take effect in the following edition. After an ad has run there are no refunds or credits.

Semester Ads and Annual Ads - Advertisers have the option of placing Semester Ads or Annual Ads which appear in every issue throughout the semester or year. If these ads are placed and pre-paid prior to the deadline for the first edition of the semester the advertiser receives a 5% discount; Annual Ads receive 10% discount. You must contact the office direction to place Semester or Annual Ads.

Office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Note: The Alligator cannot publish legal notices or d.b.a./fictitious name ads.

Note: The Alligator does not publish “work at home” ads.

Note: The Alligator requires a sample of any item for which requests for money to be sent is made.

How to place your ad:

Always include a phone number where you can be reached during our office hours.

Billing accounts can be set up. A credit application can be completed and submitted to the business office for processing. It takes approximately three weeks to complete. Once approved ads can be billed by a calendar monthly basis. Ads can be started and stopped as you wish. Only ads which actually ran will be billed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Classified Advertising Manager: Ellen L. Light
Office location: 2700 SW 13 th Street
Mail: P O Box 14257, Gainesville, FL 32604
Phone: 352-373-3463 please leave a message and someone will contact you.
Email: or

Thank you for your interest in The Independent Florida Alligator

By submitting my ad I indicate that I am aware of the cost and agree to be invoiced, via email, for my ad on the next business day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of your ad, please contact us prior to submission.

Fill out my online form.

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