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Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Avenue | Movies And Tv


Netflix-binge drinking game: A Young Doctor's Notebook

You may have seen “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” during a late night scroll through the pages of Netflix and wondered if that’s Harry Potter and Don Draper, or if you’re just crazy. Well, good news: You’re sane — as far as I can tell. This is a really good, though often overlooked, bleak, British black comedy starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe as older and younger versions of the same character, a doctor under a police investigation going through diary entries from his first days in medicine. With dark humor and incredible acting — did we mention Jon Hamm sports an English accent? — ”A Young Doctor’s Notebook” is also fun to drink to. The first season is up on Netflix, only four episodes, but it’s guaranteed to get you perfectly over served.

Florida Alligator

Oscar short films: the category you don't know about

When it comes to the Academy Awards, there are so many nominations for so many categories, it’s easy to overlook some of the work nominated — namely, the short-film categories. This week, the Avenue took some time to watch the nominated short films, which range from four to 80 minutes, from the three categories: animated, live-action and documentary. We  reviewed the films so our readers can decide which ones are well worth paying attention to. We also made predictions as to which film will take the Oscar home. From cute animations to weird darkness to tear-jerking acting, there’s probably a film for you to watch. If any of these catch your interest, you can head over to the Hippodrome State Theatre through Feb. 12 to watch some of these short films. Tickets, which range from $5 to $7.50, and show times for each category can be found on the Hippodrome’s website.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards actor statuette appears near the Hollywood Sign on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, in Los Angeles. The SAG awards will be presented on Jan. 25. (Photo by Rob Latour/Invision/AP)

Trophy Hunting: SAG Awards shows more intimate, not many surprises

The 21st annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards may not have held as many surprises as the Oscar nominations, but the statues do have a special meaning that sets them apart from other trophies — these awards are selected by peers as voted through SAG-AFTRA union (meaning actors voting for actors). In a way, this show always seems to be the most intimate of awards season, with actors openly cheering on their fellow actors and seeming more at ease among their colleagues.


Netflix-binge drinking game: House of Cards

“House of Cards” — what a perfect combination of things I love to let drive me crazy: politics, journalism, drama and sex. With the premiere of the political drama’s third season slated for Feb. 27, it’s time to binge watch (drink) your way through the Netflix original that traces Francis Underwood’s ruthless rise to the top of the White House. Pour yourself an Underwood-style bourbon (Blanton’s, neat) and swing back.

Florida Alligator

Trophy Hunting: Oscar nominations full of surprises and snubs

With the 87th annual Academy Awards a month away, one of Hollywood’s biggest nights is preparing to bestow one of the industry’s highest honors to some of the year’s brightest stars and screenmakers. Usually, the nominees for the Oscars follow the same general pattern as ceremonies preceding them, including the Golden Globes. This year’s batch, however, has taken a sharp turn from the norm and has garnered some sharp criticism in response. In analyzing the big categories, as well as evaluating the facts, this moviegoer is wondering how the ceremony will ultimately go down.


Netflix-binge drinking game: Scandal

Today, on the eve of my 21st birthday, I am honored to present the ultimate drinking game to complement your three-seasons-long, binge-watching marathon of “Scandal,” available for your convenience on Netflix. Each swig will accompany you through every incredibly uncomfortable, sexual-tension-ridden scene with Olivia and Fitz and every Pope family interaction that makes your own family seem that much more normal. Whether you’re a high-powered D.C. senator with a few skeletons in your closet or an agent in the super-secret B-613 agency, this drinking game has the potential to create a PR crisis that would even challenge Olivia Pope. For extra authenticity, make your drink a tall glass of fine red wine. And if you find yourself quickly catching up to the latest episode, don’t worry: “Scandal” will be back on ABC on Jan. 29.


Netflix-binge drinking game: Gilmore Girls

Whether you’re an original fan or a lazy bones who waited until the show hit Netflix to binge indulge (raises hand), pop culture’s most iconic mother-daughter duo holds a special place in many people’s hearts. First-timers to the show may be confused by the rapid-fire dialogue, the obscure, outdated pop-culture references and the ever-perplexing but indefinitely entertaining relationship between Lorelai and Rory. And, oh, the ‘90s fashion.

Florida Alligator

Trophy Hunting 2015: Golden Globes Preview

The holidays may be over, but the second-best time of the year is just beginning — and Trophy Hunting is back once again to cover it all! Awards season kicks off with the 72nd annual Golden Globes, which highlights the best of the year’s film and television. What makes this ceremony stand out is its dual focus on both mediums rather than just motion pictures, as well as the distinction of Drama and Musical/Comedy categories. Let’s review some of the most notable nominees and the major contenders leading the way. (Note: These picks are my own based on my research and personal viewing.)

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