Sheesh, this was a little abrupt.

I’ve spent one semester at The Alligator, and I’m already writing a goodbye column.

There’s only one other place of employment I’ve worked at that I’ve felt sad to leave. Usually, my parting feelings are somewhere between relief or indifference. This time around, I am genuinely sad. It’s a bittersweet sentiment to acknowledge, but it reminds me that frantically submitting my application one minute before the deadline back in September was completely worth it.

I can tell you about semesters of adventures and so forth. It’d make for a sweeter piece, but that’s a bend on my journalistic integrity. What I can tell you about are my favorite nights of the week — Thursdays and Sundays, where I’d have some of the heartiest laughs I’ve ever felt, learn from some of the most talented people I’ve ever been around and consume an ungodly amount of calories while copy editing my night away.

Sprots, you took away my Latin Nights, sure, but in exchange, you gave me a front seat to picks column roasts and people that better talk to me after I graduate because FOMO is so real.

Also, shoutout to everyone who brought me to the Final Four in this semester’s AP Poll bracket. Y’all the realest.

On that note, thanks to Tyler and Mari for hiring me, and thanks to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve learned quite a lot and was thankfully able to talk about golf with people who cared a little more than the average. It’s been real.

Mad love, forever and always.

Jordan Perez was a sports writer at The Alligator.

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