John Huggins

Former UF football player John Huggins allegedly choked a female tutor in October. 

Florida sophomore defensive back John Huggins has been dismissed from the football program.

The team gave no reason for his dismissal, and an ESPN report said a team spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

The Gators made the move official on Saturday after Huggins had been absent from training camp for what coach Dan Mullen cited as a “family issue.”

Huggins had participated in spring camp before his team absence and subsequent dismissal. 

Huggins also missed five games last year. At the time, it seemed like a normal absence for an inexperienced freshmen. However, recent news suggests otherwise.

A police report discovered by the Tampa Bay Times last week disclosed an October incident in which Huggins allegedly choked his 19-year-old female tutor after she took his phone away. The unnamed tutor told the police she took his phone away in order to make him stay for the whole tutoring session, which he had often cut short.

While the incident last fall was not publicized or released in a report until this past week, it seems the football program knew about the allegations. When Mullen was questioned about the domestic violence report, the coach claimed the incident had been “handled,” and that Huggins’ fall camp absence was not related to the October incident.

After Huggins appeared against Mississippi State on Sept. 29, he was inactive for a month and a half, remaining off the field until Florida’s Nov. 17 game against Idaho. Mullen said the alleged choking incident was part of the reason for that absence. 

This is not the first time Florida has dismissed a player or coach from the program under Mullen. Fellow defensive back Brian Edwards, quarterback Jalon Jones and assistant director of player personnel Otis Yelverton were forced to leave the program after accusations of threats or violence against women.

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