The funk-flavored, rock/soul group Holey Miss Moley will have its first appearance at First Magnitude Brewing Company on Nov. 10 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for $5 per person at the door.  

“It’s a bigger band than we usually get for a place like this,” Simon McClung, the marketing coordinator for First Magnitude, said. “So this is a chance for this crowd to spend $5 and see an incredible band, which is just an awesome opportunity in a really laidback atmosphere.”

McClung, 27, said you would normally have to pay more than $40 to see this band play in a show or festival alongside other groups.

The ten-piece group has collaborated together since 2012, performing in over 450 notable shows in the past five years. Their high-energy sound is reminiscent of old school ’70s funk, according to the band’s website.

“Everyone is bringing a different vibe to the table and it’s just, like, really good energy, which is totally our crowd, one to hang out and move to something that’s positive,” said McClung.

The group originated in central Florida under creators Kenneth Harvey and Jacob Cox, but now they’re trying to get into Gainesville’s music market, as well.

Kenneth “Bonesaw” Harvey, bass guitarist and manager for the group, said they’re trying to increase their ticket market value, get attendance records up and establish a local fan base.

“Yeah, it’s my first time there,” Harvey said. “I’m super stoked to play there.”

Harvey said they’ve built a relationship with First Magnitude and they have already made plans to return if all goes well Friday. He added that the group draws a younger crowd that likes funk and loves to move.

“Oh, that’s what we do, we play dance music,” Harvey said. “Just, you know, in your face funk — we like to bring the energy.”

Catt Awanatu Tuwa, a 23-year-old studio art sophomore at Florida School of the Arts, is traveling from St. Augustine Beach to Gainesville for the show.

“I’m there for the funk and vibe,” Awanatu Tuwa said. “It’s going to be a huge turnout; I know it.”

Awanatu Tuwa said she has frequently attended First Magnitude events in the past, but is especially excited for this Friday. She follows Holey Miss Moley’s live sets on YouTube, but she said she has yet to see them in person.

“Every time they play they sound a little bit different,” Awanatu Tuwa said. “They’re going to kill it.”