Fowler 1

Damon Fowler is returning to Gainesville for the first time in 15 years.

Damon Fowler will take the stage of the High Dive Sunday evening as he brings his Whiskey Bayou Session Tour to Gainesville.


The performance will showcase music from his seventh and latest record, “The Whiskey Bayou Session”, which was released last year. The concert begins at 5 p.m and tickets to Sunday’s show can be found on the High Dive’s website.


“We had a great time recording [the album], so I’m happy to have it out,” Fowler said.



Fowler described his music as a mix of honky-tonk, southern rock and blues. He said he draws inspiration from artists such as Willie Nelson and James Brown.


Despite being a Tampa native, Fowler is no stranger to Gainesville’s music scene. Fowler said he visited Gainesville often in his college years and frequented The Covered Dish, which would later become the High Dive.


“Anyone my age, all you have to do is say ‘The Covered Dish’ and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about,” Fowler, now 40, said.



Fowler hasn’t played in Gainesville in about 15 years, with his last show being at the Harley-Davidson dealership. He said he anticipates those he met at that show to be at his performance Sunday.



“I’m really looking forward to playing in Gainesville and seeing some friends,” he said.



Fowler said his music has “evolved exponentially” and matured over the past decade-and-a-half.



Fowler said he wants his shows to be a place where the audience can forget about the problems in the world.


“I don’t talk about politics, religion, guns, any of that s--t,” he said. “I want [the audience] to forget about those things for 90 minutes, or however long it is. I want to offer listeners relief.”



His tour will continue through the end of the year and involves opening for renowned blues-rock performer George Thorogood on select dates.