Spring into Style

Sheer blouses and cuff bracelets are popular trends for spring. Ingenue Avenue and Persona Vintage offer local takes on the trend. Read the story at www.Alligator.org/the_Avenue.

The nondescript sidewalks lining UF’s campus transformed into street-style catwalks for spring, thanks to the return of style-savvy students.

The cement stages are platforms for fashion-conscious Gators who echo the nationally trending looks, including sheer blouses, cuff bracelets and high-waisted skirts and pants.

Laura Arango, 19, a UF telecommunication sophomore, said she particularly likes the high-waisted trend.

“I bought a long, black high-waisted skirt over break,” Arango said. “It makes you look slimming.”

But for clothing connoisseurs who are behind on the latest spring fashion trends, take a stroll downtown to Persona Vintage Clothing and Costumes and Ingenue Avenue, two Gainesville-based stores that offer localized takes on the trends.

Rosie Pahl Donaldson, 20, a Persona employee of 1 1/2 years and a UF wildlife ecology and conservation sophomore, said the store’s clothing finds are different and dynamic.

“Anyone can find something in here that they would like,” she said. “A lot of it is flamboyant, so it brings people in that are very comfortable with themselves and will buy the craziest things.”

The mostly vintage clothing store houses some of spring’s most popular trends, including sheer blouses and cuff bracelets.

Pahl Donaldson said she picked up a a Persona black, semi-see-through blouse that she layers over a tank top.

“It’s mysterious because it covers you up but gives other people a hint of what’s underneath,” she said.

Near the register, customers can find handmade wooden cuff bracelets.

The style of bracelet is the only one Pahl Donaldson will wear, she said.

“I like those because they’re not dangling anywhere, so if I’m writing, you don’t hear the clink on the desk,” she said.

A few doors down at Ingenue Avenue, twin sisters and UF alumnae Susan and Stephanie Browning aim to localize the broad, national trends.

Susan Browning, 25, said she works to customize seasonal trends to the needs of college students who live in Florida.

Sheer lacy tops are displayed near the front of the store, and high-waisted polka dot dresses hang off racks on an opposite wall.

Though seasonal trends keep the fashion wheel spinning, Pahl Donaldson said she doesn’t put too much stock in them at the end of the day.

“I think the trend should just be wear what you want to wear,” she said. “And don’t worry about what other people think too much.”