flipturn takes the stage at Heartwood last Thursday

Dillon Basse, the frontman of Gainesville’s indie favorites flipturn, had a quiet energy behind his eyes.

When Basse and the rest of flipturn took the stage, it was obvious the band was ready to rock the audience during their set at the Heartwood Soundstage. Within the intimate venue, the band proved their skill as performers and songwriters as Gainesville residents and students to sing and dance to one of the city’s most beloved groups.  


Bassist Madeline Jarman returned the city’s tangible affections for the Fernandina rockers.

“Gainesville definitely has a special place in our hearts, because it’s where we had our first actual performance,” she said.

It’s easy to see why; about 100 people appeared at the crowded venue to enjoy a night with flipturn and Connecticut openers The Brazen Youth.


Flipturn’s sound is a unique style of rock, combining elements of East Coast surf rock with smooth melodies, memorable choruses, and explosive bursts of energy. The rockers’ creativity and skill shines in their classic rock bravado and charisma.

The hometown support for the group is contagious. Every song, both old and new, incited clapping and head bobbing from the crowd.

Emma Holliday, an 18-year-old UF pre-pharmacy freshman, said she came to see flipturn because of her love of their songwriting and performing styles.


“My friend told me about them. We saw them before at Back to School Fest and we just wanted to go see them again,” Holliday said. “They’re really catchy, and they’re great at making songs you can sing along to.”


Upon the first ring of a guitar chord, the audience began singing along to tracks that the quintet knew would move the crowd.

flipturn treated the Gainesville locale as a special environment with more than just a simple performance; their raw playing resembled a jam session. Basse and lead guitarist Tristan Duncan’s intense soloing seemed to possess their bodies, just as the music caused Gainesville attendees to crash together in excitement. By the end of their set, the audience was clamoring for more.


For a band as imaginative as flipturn, creativity is a huge component of their appeal.

When asked for a piece of advice for any Gainesville creatives that wish to be as impactful as flipturn, Taylor gave an answer as honest and mature as their craft.

“I think an important aspect in being an artist is also to not compare yourself to others. Do what makes you beautiful.”