Daniel Armbruster demanded 400 thousand retweets in exchange for a performance in Florida. He didn’t get them.

Regardless, Armbruster’s band, Joywave, performed in front of thousands at Student Government’s Rock-The-Vote concert Friday.

All of the members in Joywave grew up in Rochester, New York. Now in their early thirties, Armbruster, frontman; Paul Brenner, drummer; and Joseph Morinelli, guitarist, have been playing music together since they were in middle school.

Armbruster said that around 2007 the pop-rock genre they were in in before “blew up,” and he was determined to do something different. So starting in 2009 he wrote what came naturally to him. In 2010, Joywave officially formed and they released their first mixtape the next year.

If pressed to describe its music, the band responds with one word: incredible. They ask: “Why be credible when you could be incredible?”

Armbruster and Brenner said late 2019 is a safe bet for their fans to expect a new album. They explained that the music industry currently values singles more, because people no longer have time to listen to entire albums.

Joywave has released two singles in the past year. The first, “Compromise” sounds like a plea from Armbruster to be able to live a more bearable life true to his own desires. When asked what was wrong with his current life, Armbruster laughed while he confessed that the tune is actually the only song he has ever written that was completely separate from his own life and experiences. The song was originally supposed to be on the Alice Through the Looking Glass sequel, but was cut during production at the last minute when the band decided that this year was the right time to finally release it. “Blastoff,” on the other hand, is an extremely personal reflection of the band’s hardships in maintaining lasting connections while constantly living on the road.

For more from Armbruster and Brenner check out our full video interview online.