Now that all Valentine’s Day festivities are over, you may find that your two-week fling was really just a way to feel less lonely on Valentine’s Day. So you partied too hard over the break, drunkenly confessed your love to your fling — or hooked up with your fling’s best friend — and it’s likely you’re extremely single again. Now you’re left with your only reliable friend: Tinder. What better way to get a date than with a little liquid courage? But please, put away the drunk goggles or you might get catfished.

Good luck and happy swiping!


Take a sip of your drink every time

A guy is holding a dead fish

A guy is posing with a dead deer

A guy’s bio is completely blank

A guy has a picture in which he is surrounded by girls

Take a shot...

For every corny pickup line in his bio

For every guy with his face covered by his phone (#catfish)

For every guy you social-media stalk and end up finding his girlfriend (Really, bro?)

Every time you run into an Andrew or a Cody

When the guy you super-liked super-likes you back

When you land a date (Meeting up at Grog is not a date.)

Finish your drink if

All of a guy’s pictures are of him working out

A guy uses more than 10 emojis in his bio

A guy lists all his social media accounts in his bio

He says he’s an athlete but doesn’t show up on the roster 


Take a sip of your drink every time

A girl poses in front of an American flag

A girl “throws up” her sorority letters at the beach

A girl’s bio includes a Marilyn Monroe quote

A girl has a picture posing at Cantina

For every gym selfie

Take a shot...

For every fake account you encounter

When a girl’s profile picture is with Tim Tebow

For every girl that says she’s not looking for “just a hookup”

For every overly edited profile photo (Where’s your nose?!)

If she states every activity or team she’s ever been a part of

Finish your drink if

All of a girl’s pictures are group photos

A girl uses more than 10 emojis in her bio

A girl says a guy needs to be at least a certain height in her bio