Piss Test explores themes of aging, friendship and urban commodification on their latest record. 

Imagine a pot roast in a dress on a drinking safari. That kind of chaotic artistry can only be found on “7 Songs 7 Inches,” the first record by local punk band Piss Test.

The Gainesville band’s music is symbolic of a growing, thriving city in contemporary turmoil. Debra Fetzer, the band’s lead vocalist, said that the changes happening in Gainesville are reflected in the band’s music.

“I’ve biked to work everyday for maybe 30 years,” Fetzer said. “I’m older than other artists I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m not worried about what’s happening.”

Piss Test delivers a short but energetic record. “7 Songs 7 Inches” packs a range of attitudes, fun times and reflections on life into a 20-minute runtime. That simple variety leads to some great punk rock tracks.

The band comprises guitarist Mike McCoy, drummer Michelle “Buck” Nunez, frontwoman Fetzer and bassist Randy Kettlesen. Each member complements the others so well it’s surprising they’ve only been together for three years. 

“We’re a true team,” said McCoy. “I think we have a unique sound, and we all contribute something special to every track.”


In “Gentrify My Balls,” Piss Test rebels against the exploitation of Gainesville’s sacred spaces. For the band, the gentrification of the city is already well in motion. Lyrics such as “can’t go back to what was; 40 years, guess that’s good” highlight Gainesville’s transformation into a suburban dystopia.

Other tracks are more carefree but just as aggressive. “Drinkin’ Safari” is a tropical rock track set on the shores of a dynamic Hawaiian tsunami. “9 Lives” is an ode to life and immortality. As Fetzer said, it’s never too late to follow your passions.

“Anybody can do it,” said Fetzer. “Don’t hold back on your dreams. Express yourself.”

“7 Songs 7 Inches” is available for purchase on Bandcamp. ‘Piss Test’ will continue to tour Florida and hopes to release new tracks soon.

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