National Fried Chicken Day

The "Squawking Goat" is Maple Street Biscuit Company's fried chicken sandwich topped with goat cheese. 

This July 6, celebrate the king of all comfort foods: fried chicken. Here are some of the top restaurants in Gainesville to celebrate this national food holiday. 

Maple Street Biscuit Company 

Are you driving down Archer Road? Be sure to make a pit stop at Maple Street Biscuit Company to order a plate of fried chicken. Maple Street Biscuit Company strives to create comfort food with a modern twist, according to its website. Established in 2012 in Jacksonville, it has since expanded all across the state and throughout the South.

Maple Street Biscuit Company has a variety of fried chicken dishes. One customer favorite is The Squawking Goat, a biscuit topped with fried chicken and goat cheese, and smothered with house-made pepper jelly. It was even featured on Food Network, according to their website. If you're looking for a classic fried chicken and biscuit dish, go ahead and order The Five, a delicious pairing of fried chicken and bacon covered in thick creamy gravy.  

Maple Street Biscuit Company is open Monday through Sunday. 

Pricing: $

Rating: 10/10

Metro Diner

Do you love the traditional diner feel? Then head to Metro Diner where you can not only enjoy the breakfast options, but satisfy your fried chicken cravings as well. Guy Fieri approved, Metro Diner has been featured on the infamous Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. 

Order the iconic fried chicken and waffles to celebrate the day. A fluffy Belgian waffle topped with a half a fried chicken and drizzled with Metro's signature sweet and spicy sauce, topped with strawberry butter and a layer of snowy powdered sugar, this dish hits every taste bud. Revel in this plate of fried chicken for breakfast, lunch or dinner; It's the perfect comfort food.

Metro Diner is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m until 8 p.m. 

Pricing: $$

Rating: 9/10

Chunky's Grill & Fry Co.

Chunky's Grill & Fry Co. has been serving Greek-American food since 2007. An excellent spot for a quick meal, Chunky's fried chicken keeps customers returning. It's perfect for your fast food cravings. 

You can't go wrong when ordering Chunky's mouthwatering classic chicken tenders or wings, especially when you add one of their “Fingerlickin'” sauces. Make your order a Chunky's meal to add on cajun fries and hush puppies. And if you love fried chicken, check out their fried gizzards.

Pricing: $

Rating: 8/10

Momoyaki Modern Korean

We all love classic fried chicken, but have you ever tried Korean fried chicken? This dish is a little different from Southern fried chicken, but it is just as tasty. Korean fried chicken is prepared in a light batter and then typically cooked twice, creating a super crispy skin and tender meat. 

Head to Momoyaki, a family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Korean cuisine. Momoyaki's Korean Fried Chicken served with pickled radish and house sauce has a delicious crunch and flavor that you are sure to love. Kanpoongki is another great dish to try; It's a dish of fried chicken glazed in a sweet & spicy garlic chili pepper sauce served with kimchi and a side. 

Pricing: $$

Rating: 8/10

G'ville Seafood N' Chicken 

G’ville Seafood N’ Chicken is always packed;  that's just a testament to how good the food is. While their seafood is fantastic, the fried chicken is the star of the show today. ! Choose any number of chicken wings from 30 to 100, or try the chicken tenders, livers or gizzards.

There is no indoor seating, so expect to order, pick up your food, and leave. G'ville Chicken n' Seafood is great for when you need to bring food back home for your roommates or family.

Pricing: $

Rating: 7/10

From biscuits to waffles to classic tenders, fried chicken's versatility will allow you to enjoy an entire day of appetizing food. Devour dishes of fried chicken with your friends and family for this holiday. On July 6th, make sure to check out these restaurants around Gainesville for National fried chicken day.

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