Spring cleaning is a phrase that most dread hearing, but for Gainesville residents, the process can now be completed in an efficient, “green” way.

In an effort to provide an environmentally friendly cleaning service to Gainesville, Mary Moore decided to create Green Clean Homes.

She noticed Gainesville locals bringing reusable bags to grocery stores and residents using bicycles instead of cars. After reading some articles on an entrepreneurship website, she realized Gainesville didn’t have a green cleaning service. So, she opened her unique business to reflect this sentiment.

Moore decided Green Clean Homes would be a service that offers environmentally friendly cleaning practices along with a luxurious experience.

“With everyone wanting to go green, I thought it would be a need here (in Gainesville),” Moore said.

Moore explained that she had been doing her part to help the environment long before it was the popular thing to do. Living in St. Augustine, she would take a weekly trip to the St. John’s River to pick up trash. Nowadays, Moore encourages people to reuse water bottles, carpool when possible and pay closer attention to water and light usage.

“Starting (this business) has sort of regenerated my passion for wanting to be environmentally friendly and to be as green as I can,” she said.

Moore got the idea in early April, and by April 24, it was an official business. Four steps were completed for this to happen.

“The first step was making the decision to do it,” Moore said. “After I debated for a couple of weeks on if I should do it and if it would work, I finally made the decision.”

The second step for Moore was researching trademarked names in a Florida database to make sure there wasn’t another business that went by the same exact name. After that, she went on www.sunbiz.org to purchase the name. The fourth step was going to the City of Gainesville and registering Green Clean Homes as a business. Reporting the opening to the local newspaper is a requirement by the city, and from there a website was started, along with the creation of business cards and other methods of advertising.

Green Clean Homes cleans offices and residences in Gainesville, Jonesville, Newberry and Alachua counties.

Employee Maisie Johnson, who also works for Moore’s Aloha Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company, is excited to work for a business that is the first of its kind in Gainesville.

“(It is) pretty neat that I get to experience this first hand with her,” Johnson said. “I had never heard of green cleaning businesses before, so I think this is a really great idea for the area.”

The company uses eco-friendly products to clean, but that is only part of what it does to stay environmentally friendly. In addition, Moore says recycling and avoiding paper usage is important, too. That is why her employees use recycled newspapers to clean mirrors and other glass surfaces. Moore’s business provides extras such as aromatherapy oil diffusion and turndown service on linens. Organic chocolates are placed on pillows as a finishing touch. The service costs $60 per hour for a two-person team; a two-hour minimum is required per appointment.

“It is a resort-style luxury,” Moore said, “like staying in a five-star hotel in your own home.”

Appointments can be made online at www.greencleanhomes.com.