Local indie rock band Poblano released "Dad of the Year" on March 19. The band will perform at the Hardback Cafe on March 26.

Poblano’s new album, “Dad of the Year,” asks: What do you do when you lose someone who helped define you?

For the lead singer and guitarist of the Gainesville-based band Levi Bradford, this album splits in two: One part asks and tries to answer that question, and one part reflects on working through his trouble of not having a relationship with his brother anymore.

Bradford, 24,  and his brother had a falling out and have not spoken in two years. The brother break-up, while hard for Bradford, inspired most of the songs on “Dad of the Year.”

The music addresses this through emotional lyrics and catchy beats with Riley Hawkins on bass and Daniel Skelly on drums. The songs, on first listen, do not appear that loaded, but each time you press play there is a different facet to discover.

The band’s second album sits right under 20 minutes with eight songs that walk the line between alternative rock and punk. Fast-paced lyrics and guitar provide for high, raucous energy, making it the ideal listen while trying to escape your straightedge parents.

The song “Bird Bucket” is meant to describe Bradford’s brother troubles. The lyrical meaning is hard to decipher, but it makes sense: The emotions driving the song are messy and confusing.  

“I’m just trying to communicate how it feels to be going through this as close to the actual feeling as I can,” the 24-year-old UF law student said.

The album is available to stream on Spotify and will be released on cassette as well.  On March 26, the band will perform at the Hardback Cafe.