Friday, Jan. 18th: Venus and Mars trine

A trine is when planets are four signs apart, which allows the two planets to bring out the best in one another. This Friday, Mars gets close enough to Venus for both planets to feed off each other’s energy.

Venus is the planet of love while Mars is the planet of action, which makes Friday the ideal day to combine the two and ask out your crush. No crush in sight? Collaborate with friends to plan a dinner party in the name of platonic love.

This is especially significant for Libra and Scorpio whose respective ruling planets are the cause for all the passion and love in the air.


Sunday, Jan. 21st: Lunar eclipse with a full moon in Leo

In astrology, lunar eclipses are known to make us look back and reflect. The first lunar eclipse of the year means something different for everyone this coming up Sunday.

For Capricorn, Cancer and Gemini, make sure all your bank accounts are in order because this eclipse will reveal some money elements you might have missed.

Aries and Taurus should pay attention to their personal life this Sunday, either by focusing on themselves or their family.

Although add/drop week is over for UF students, this lunar eclipse forces Sagittarius to reevaluate their educational decisions (double check that degree audit, Sag).

Finally, congratulations to Leo, this first lunar eclipse occurs in your sign and, in true Leo fashion, is a supermoon.