You can listen to Tina & Her Pony at the Civic Media Center at 8 p.m. on March 8.

Sounds influenced by the beauty of nature will ring through Gainesville next week when Tina & Her Pony perform.

On March 8, fans of the genre and those who have never heard of it will get to experience the ambient sounds of indie appalachian folk as music duo Tina & Her Pony make a stop in Gainesville on their current tour.

In 2010, Tina Collins and Quetzal Jordan started creating music together, after separating from the five-piece band Over Under Yonder, to celebrate their shared love of nature.

While their current harmony and balance seems seamless, the duo worked to bring together their different influences and musical backgrounds.

Despite her classical music training, Jordan enjoys a lot of popular music like Smashing Pumpkins and Johnny Cash. While Collins loves indie and folk music like Joni Mitchell, Kate Walsh and, of course, the Appalachian Trail.

“I picked up some influences along the way of bluegrass and traditional Appalachian music,” Collins said. “I hiked the Appalachian Trail and fell in love with the culture.”

Now the duo has created what they describe as a smoother and more ambient sound.

In March, Collins and Jordan will begin touring a combination of music from both albums, “Tina & Her Pony” and “Champions,” as well as new music they have been workshopping for the past few months.

“I’ve been feeling really awesome lately, getting out of a funk,” Jordan said.

She added that the new feelings have manifested into more music about love, which is a departure from their typical heartbreak ballads.

Although the Gainesville community may not be attuned to the Indie Appalachian Folk genre, the group is excited to play in the city and give listeners an easy listening experience with poetic song writing.

“Tina & Her Pony are trying to educate people about folk music and the culture,” Jordan said. “The culture is different than most genres which are about entertaining; folk is about bringing something more sacred: remembering who you are and your life.”

For anyone looking to experience the woodland sound, you can listen to Tina & Her Pony at the Civic Media Center at 8 p.m.

Tickets are not yet on sale according to Bandsintown, but will range from $5 to $15.