UF President Bernie Machen is staying in Gainesville at the request of Gov. Rick Scott and UF Board of Trustees Chair David Brown.

“President Machen has earned a reputation for visionary thinking and has a record as a change agent," Scott said in a news release published Tuesday afternoon. "I have asked him to continue his service as president, and I look forward to working with him, the Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees on this effort to realize a new vision for higher education in Florida.”

In the statement, Brown referenced the university administration's goal to move UF into the top 10.

"This is a window of opportunity and we need a proven leader who can immediately champion this effort," he said. "President Machen has the experience and can provide a continuity of leadership."

The presidential search has been suspended.

“Making UF a top 10 university has been my highest priority over the course of my tenure at the University of Florida,” Machen said.  “Now we stand at a crossroads where we have the potential to make giant strides.  I have been asked to remain in office to lead that effort, and I am pleased to do so.” 

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Gov. Scott should be checked at once for a brain tumor or possible heavy metal poisoning.


UF and Florida's education system are leading the rest of the country in adapting constructively to changing times. Despite the Dem media bias, the facts and rankings speak for themselves.
There's still more to do, such as re-aligning Medicaid funding into higher education and med schools, so tuitions can be lowered 75% (or 0% for med students, in exchange for university med centers taking charge of the needy). But if community colleges can work with private employers in developing curriculums pegged to workforce needs, then so should universities. Students should welcome that, too. Despite the bias they get from some professors.

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