In what he described to police as a “spite thing,” a former Walmart employee was arrested Tuesday night after police said he stole a 24-pack of Bud Light and a tool set from the Walmart behind Butler Plaza, located at 2900 SW 42nd St.

Thomas Christopher Totulis, 20, was seen by witnesses and police at about 6:16 p.m. walking through the garden section and out of the store with the beer and tool set without paying for them, according to the report. The stolen items totaled $69.86.

The witness took a photo of the silver-gray Dodge Durango that Totulis drove away in and gave it to police, according to the report. Police then found the car at about 8:59 p.m. and arrested Totulis.

Police found Totulis with the 24-pack of Bud Light and a Walmart gift card. According to the report, Totulis told police he got the card by trading in the stolen tool set at another Walmart.  

Two beers were missing from the 24-pack.

Totulis told police he was recently fired from a Walmart in Starke, Florida, and wanted to get back at the chain with theft, according to the report.

“I know I shouldn’t have done it,” Totulis told police, according to the report.

According to the report, Totulis then spontaneously turned to his ex-girlfriend and owner of the Dodge Durango and said, “I f------ stole from Walmart.”

As of Wednesday evening, Totulis remains in the Alachua County Jail in lieu of a $2,500 bond. He faces a charge of petit theft.



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