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In a Twitter video released Wednesday afternoon, UF President Kent Fuchs — decked out in Gator-themed gym clothes and a protective head piece — stood next to professional wrestler and UF alumnus Thaddeus Michael Bullard, better known to wrestling fans as Titus O’Neil.

“I’m very excited about getting ready to kick our president’s a--” O’Neil said.

At New Student Convocation on Aug. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the O’Connell Center, a special video featuring O’Neil and Fuchs will be shown as a fun way to introduce new students to the university, UF spokesperson Steve Orlando said.

“We’re getting ready to do something very adventurous because he loves the University of Florida so much,” O’Neil said in the video, with Fuchs smiling next to him.

Orlando said the video will then be distributed around more broadly to help kick off the new school year.

What will actually be happening in the video is unknown, Orlando said.

“It’ll be a nice surprise,” he said.

Before his career in professional wrestling and years in the Arena Football League, O’Neil was a Gator. From 1997 to 2000, O’Neil played for the Florida Gators football team under coach Steve Spurrier, and in 2000 he served as Student Government vice president.

Orlando said O’Neil is making his appearance with Fuchs pro bono.

Fuchs wrote in an email that he’s grateful and excited to be making this video with O’Neil.

“Titus (Thaddeus) is a pretty special Gator, willing to give his time to numerous good causes and to his alma mater when asked,” Fuchs said.

The promotional video was initially released on O’Neil’s Twitter page, which about 571,000 people follow.

“As you notice he is very dapper in his wrestling outfit,” O’Neil said, complimenting the president.

“Arms are out,” he said while lifting Fuchs left arm.

Fuchs flexed his arm in response.


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