UF is suing the companies and people who worked on the Chemical Engineering building addition for damages greater than $15,000.

In a complaint from the UF Board of Trustees filed Sept. 27, UF said there are various damages and safety issues with the completed building. There are cracks in the foundation and walls, which are becoming worse with time because of soil conditions that were not address properly.

To prevent injury, UF built a wall blocking off access to some of the study rooms and other damaged areas. They also closed window blinds and the first floor women’s restroom.

University spokesperson Janine Sikes said filing the lawsuit was a way for UF to preserve its rights, and she is confident the issue will be resolved. UF has worked with these contractors before, she said.

“We are very optimistic we will be able to resolve this amicably out of court,” Sikes said.

The defendants are David Cappa; Causseaux, Hewett, & Walpole, Inc.; Charles Perry Partners, Inc.; Geo-Technologies, Inc.; Robert William Givens; Ponikvar & Associates, Inc.; Apryl Ponikvar; PPI Construction Management, Inc.; Structural Engineers Group, Inc.; and Robert J. Wagpole.

Brian Leslie, the president of Charles Perry Partners, Inc., said they have been working with UF for 50 years. He found out about the lawsuit through TV20 News.

“We’ve always had a reputation of resolving issues and working in an amicable way and we will do the same thing here,” Leslie said. 

Romy Ellenbogen is a junior journalism major and the University Editor. She religiously checks her email inbox ([email protected]) and makes a great to-do list.