UF students can help the Crimson Tide one T-shirt at a time.

In response to the tornadoes that tore through Tuscaloosa in April, students in the College of Health and Human Performance have organized a campaign to raise money for tornado relief efforts at the University of Alabama.

The campaign, known as Champions Helping Champions, consists of selling T-shirts for the University of Alabama Acts of Kindness Fund.

So far, the campaign has sold about 300 T-shirts and raised about $4,500. The fund gives aid to university students and employees directly affected by the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa.

The idea was first brought to Beth Chaney's attention by Rachel Bush and Kristin Rucker, undergraduates in UF's Department of Health Education and Behavior.

Chaney, an assistant professor in the department, became interested in the cause for personal reasons and because she wanted to lend a hand to a college town in need of assistance.

"I grew up in Alabama and received my bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Alabama," Chaney said. "I have friends and family that live in Alabama and some that are in Tuscaloosa."

Members of Eta Sigma Gamma, a health education honorary, have also supported the cause by organizing the sale of the T-shirts.

"We want to do as much as we can because Alabama is still recovering from the devastation," said Eta Sigma Gamma President Sarah Napolitano.

The T-shirts display an alligator and an elephant holding hands and read "Champions Helping Champions" at the bottom.

"The shirts simply remind people that there is still work to be done in Alabama," Napolitano said.

Students are being asked to wear the T-shirts to the UF vs. Alabama game Saturday to show their support. The cost for each shirt is $15, and they will be on sale until Saturday at the Florida Gym.

T-shirts are also available online on the College of Health and Human Performance website. The shirts can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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Please update your story with the website address for buying the shirts! "177 people recommend this", but none of them can donate to the tornado relief efforts or buy a shirt. Thanks!

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