Wednesday was one of Broward Pool’s busiest days of the summer so far, but only one Gator was allowed to swim in the pool.

That’s because Ryan Lochte, a 27-year-old UF alumnus and six-time Olympic medalist, and a production company used the pool to film part of a commercial sponsored by AT&T.

Lochte, who stars in the commercial, sprang from a starting block and disappeared beneath the water’s surface.

Production crew members used rain barrels to create waves in the pool, which was lined with special-effects material to darken its water.

Location Manager Alan Levi declined to comment on how the commercial would use special effects or if it would involve Lochte’s preparations for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

“I don’t want to give the story away,” he said.

Levi said he doesn’t know when the commercial will be aired.

Production took place Monday through Wednesday, and Broward pool will reopen to students Friday.

Levi said Broward Pool was chosen over other UF pools because of its small size.

Devin McDaniel, a 19-year-old marketing sophomore, stopped to watch the production of the commercial.

“I was just running and thought it was interesting,” she said. “It’s cool that [Lochte’s] coming back here to shoot a commercial before the Olympics.”