Zot L. Szurgot allegedly walked out of her house naked, turned to five of her neighbors and started wagging her penis.

Szurgot, a 52-year-old transgender man who identifies as both a man and a woman, was arrested Wednesday by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for indecent exposure and lewd behavior.

Szurgot lives at 220 SE 73rd Trail.

Of the five people who saw Szurgot’s sexual equipment, one was a 10-year-old boy. Another was his 4-year-old sister.

Szurgot stood about 100 feet from her neighbors, an arrest report states, completely nude.

The boy told officers “the man was naked and shook his wee-wee at me.”

The children’s mother said she wanted to press charges, as did another adult who said he saw more of Szurgot than he preferred, according to police.

On her Facebook page, Szurgot cites Occupy Gainesville as her employer.

She has been quoted in multiple Alligator articles about the movement.

In the past, confusion has surrounded Szurgot’s gender — she lists herself as a female on Facebook, and at least one Alligator article has quoted Szurgot as a woman.

According to the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel’s website, “Zot Lynn Szurgot is one of those magical people living between genders; born and raised a boy, she lives part of eir [sic] life as a masculine union-supporting electrician and part as a feminine spiritual being.”

On Wednesday afternoon, she fell under the former category.

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I am curious if this is a new trend for the alligator...to post reports of indecent exposure occurring in alachua county,
or if this is just plain and simply an attempt by the alligator and it's staff to discredit gender non-conforming people and continue to perpetuate the idea of their bodies, genders, and sexualities as perversions.

I am inclined to say it's the latter. And I must say I'm deeply disappointed and offended.

Shame on Tyler Jett and the alligator staff for posting this "sensationalizing" story based on what appears to be pure boredom and basic ignorance.


This sophomoric, bloggish filth vomited out by Mr. Jett Stream in the guise of "journalism" is the result of having no accountability, faculty guidance or leadership in the Alligator's smug editorial department. Someone, evidently reflecting the quality journalism education taught at UF, mistakenly told these scribes that they can write anything lie they want and make no effort to discern whether the story is factually accurate so long as they use the word "allegedly" once in the article somewhere.

The article is chock full of falsehoods and blatant errors with nothing but a false accusation to use for a "story." Apparently the Alligator has not heard of false accusations before and thinks that every time someone is charged by a malicious, vindictive, bigot neighbor (yes, the sorts who yelled hate slurs at Szurgot on the street that day after creating a scene earlier blasting a horn into her window while waiting on the neighbor to come out, well then, the story must necessarily be true! Yes, indeed!

Good work, sir! My hat is off to you for your dedicated efforts at sliming a person's reputation parroting false information.

The true story is even shabbier than the tittilating scum released by this amazingly incomplete and inaccurate article.

The truth is simply the usual petty slimebag neighbor ego spat where a friend visiting Ms. Szurgot's neighbor took out her vindictive and nasty side on a person she knew would be easy to harm by simply coaching a child to lie. The lie is provably false and this will come out if the prosecution is mean-spirited enough to continue the charges.

It seems pretty clear after privately checking into what actually occurred (not possible to discern from this noxious spew above) that the Alligator, the people listed on the complaint, and the prosecutor are at risk of libel, defamation, and invasion of privacy suits, as things stand. The neighbors appear to be peeping toms as well who have never seen anything but claim to have looked through her yard's thick bordering bushes before (and sadly, they didn't adjust their binoculars very well or they would have realized they did not see properly).

The Alligator well knew that the salacious, infantile, spiteful, cruel accusation about Szurgot waltzing about "naked" and "wagging" a "wee wee" was only "alleged" but not proven and that they had done nothing to check further.

Nonetheless the Alligator's intrepid staff forged ahead in reporting each trashy detail and condemned Szurgot as guilty in their Darts editorial without checking on anything that happened.

The news staff could not be bothered to ascertain the easily discoverable fact that Szurgot was fully clothed at all times when briefly in the company of these people to politely request they stop blasting car horns directly into her window.

The Alligator could easily have discovered that the people listed in the complaint know they are lying. In fact by trumpeting their lie in the Alligator, the newspaper has further enmeshed these short tempered neighbors into such a despicable pickle that they will now have to lie and lie and lie further to support their vile distortions unless they decide to stop this insanity now. It is a sad situation indeed.

Before the parents make the child perjure herself further (which will become readily apparent if forced by her mama to describe what the Alligator described as "equipment" in the event that depositions are taken or lie detectors are administered to these people), one would hope that cooler heads would prevail in the prosecutor's office.

But in Florida, a state proud of its now near-legendary notoriety nationally for various types of minority discrimination and electoral civil rights abuses, perhaps the prosecutor wants to garner for the state, in the aftermath of other recent examples of bigotry in national news, some new publicity for the trashing LGBT individuals. Gainesville has recently demonstrated quite a special flair for demonizing transgendered individuals, such as attempting remove transgender civil rights clauses in the city charter.

The "equipment" mentioned by the genius writing the story was never viewed by anyone in the story other than the perverted parental mind who dreamed up the story to pour into the ear of the child to re-tell, and later by the other perverted mind that broadcast it.

You have succeeded well, oh Alligator in your righteous efforts to smear Szurgot. I'm sorry to see that the publication who received a few accolades in the 1960s has lowered itself to this sort of yellow journalism. I had mistakenly thought the school had a more compassionate and thoughtful group of people guiding the newspaper but I see now the publication's golden days are apparently long gone.


It's time The Alligator printed a retraction on the Szurgot story. The charges, as everyone who knows her is aware, were blatantly false and caused by a neighbor spat wherein a transphobic neighbor became incensed over Szurgot asking them to stop blasting their horn in the neighboring driveway and instead to use the cellphone, when they felt "entitled" to blast the horn due to their having a wheelchair parking mirror tag they showed her.

They then waltzed around the perimeter of the yard after Szurgot (FULLY CLOTHED) had returned to her yard and yelled the mf'er word and "faggot!" and then called the police. They knew from past gossip that she is transgender and used it to hurt her by making up a false story because they viewed her tone as uppity and wanted to put her in her place.

The charges were false. And the prosecutor dropped them.

False statements made about a person and not corrected, especially to the point the Alligator took them by printing an editorial trashing her for something she did not do, are defamation. To correct the damage you and the Sun have done to her reputation, you should print a retraction and apologize for your rush to judgment.

Please try to understand the powerless position transgendered people are in when people want to lie about them. It's difficult enough for them without their also having to fend off malicious lies. The hatred of trans people assumes they decide to be trans as a choice and that choice is "wrong," but aside from the wrongness of deciding for people what gender identity they should assume, many trans people are born intersexed at birth, so it's just stupidity & assumptions that are behind the hatred and fear that led the neighbor to yell hateful epithets and create a false story out of whole cloth (and using their child to disseminate it) to destroy her life and lead everyone in Gainesville and some cities outside Gainesville to make false assumptions about her.

Now that the vulgar and false charges have been dropped, the damage done in the Sun and the Alligator remains. One would hope the Alligator would do the right thing without having to be asked.


Please remove this false article. These charges were dropped because they were false and ridiculous. You have been continuing to display them as though they were facts. This is very mean and unprofessional. It destroys her life and reputation and is untrue.

Try to imagine the newspaper printed a lie about you and tried to draw attention to your most private aspects of your life while referencing lies told by a malicious liar. How would you feel - what would you hope from the newspaper?

Scores of people who know Szurgot know it's false but even more have been told people who don't know her or barely know her that it's true and you leave it up. Please remember that being accused does not mean something is true. It's FALSE. It was DROPPED because it was false. Please remove. It stays up in her google results for employers, new friends, and family to see.

Here is an example of how you wrote a lie:

Of the five people who saw Szurgot’s sexual equipment, one was a 10-year-old boy. Another was his 4-year-old sister.

Szurgot stood about 100 feet from her neighbors, an arrest report states, completely nude.

All false statements above -- defamation and slander, stated as though fact. You wrote the word "alleged" ONLY in one sentence, then carried on as if this gave you carte blanche to write anything else you wanted as fact, and pretended it would not matter -- please have a conscience -- these lies spread to other newspapers outside Gainesville as though facts because they saw it in Gainesville publications smearing her with false statements as though true.

Please remove. Please do the right thing.


Funny thing about this ah...'article'. There is not a single credible article in ANY real newspaper, just a few less than reputable conservative shock rags that repeat the same unconformable tales. Is this just another PJI style attack piece designed to try and discredit the transgender community? That is after, just what this piece smells like. Yet, one more dead fish fake article by a conservative christian agenda bent on getting their way no matter how many lies it takes.


Chutney, the article merely reported the arrest and charges. I doubt you know any more than I do as far as what really happened. The family said one thing and he said another, and the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. Mr. Jett's reporting style was to find stories that had a bit of drama or an amusing quality, which this does. Your 4:41 a.m. venom-filled, misspelled tirade that doesn't make sense speaks more about your community than this article ever could. No, the news is not going to stop reporting stories because some fringe radicals will throw a fit for showing what happened that day. If you are asserting that The Alligator is a conservative Christian shock rag, I think you'll have trouble getting anyone to believe that. I'm magical without having to wear a dress or something; isn't that wonderful?

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