Although the holidays are nearly upon us, it’s always the right time for a good block party in Florida.

Local production company Over Easy Creative plans to do just that this Sunday with their Sunday Side Up Block Party, a three-venue, three-stage event that will draw electronic artists from across Florida to perform. The party will run from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. at downtown venues The Atlantic, Arcade Bar and The Alley, located behind Arcade Bar.

This is the second edition of the block party concept for Over Easy; they held their first block party around a year and a half ago at the same three-venue location. Les Voss, creator of Over Easy Creative and one of the event’s performers, said the event went great the first time, which inspired them to put Sunday’s event together.

The Sunday Side Up Block Party will feature 10 artists from various genres and locations, with X3SR of Miami headlining at The Atlantic. Voss said he was drawn to X3SR after hearing them perform at Gainesville’s first Road To III Points event held in August 2015. He described the band, which is composed of two brothers, as sounding similar to ambient, downtempo producer Tycho.

“I instantly fell in love with their music because it’s kind of washed out but very emotional,” Voss said. “It’s very electronic but they’ve got a lot going on, and they’re such cool dudes.”

Voss added that in addition to their compelling sound, the duo behind X3SR is composed of genuine people that he’s excited to have back in Gainesville.

“A lot of times with music it’s not always about going to get paid for a show,” he said. “They want to come to hangout and vibe with friends that they’ve made through the music scene.”

Voss added that he’s also looking forward to Crosstown Sounds, a five or six-man music collective that will play an extended set at The Atlantic from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. He’s also excited for Kelly Kochis and Tyler Hale who will be playing all-vinyl sets on the top floor of Arcade Bar.

“Kelly is really someone that I’ve looked up to as a DJ for so long, and she’s got records on records on records,” Voss said. “Some of the tunes she pulls out, you’re like, ‘Wow, where did you even find this?’”

In addition to a wide array of artists, the three-venue, three-stage setup will allow for unique atmospheres all at one event.

Voss said that the third floor of Arcade Bar will be more vintage with all-vinyl performers, The Alley is going to be “more bumping party music” (mostly house music), and The Atlantic will host the more unique electronic groups Crosstown Sounds and headliner X3SR.

The Sunday Side Up Block Party will be ages 18 and older at The Atlantic and 21 and older at Arcade Bar and The Alley. Tickets will be available at the door for $5 for 21 years and older and $7 for younger than 21. The cost will move up to $7 for 21 and older and $10 for younger than 21 as the event fills up.