With January now in full swing it’s time to start wondering what your favorite artists have up their sleeves for 2018. Whether they have been completely off of the radar or flooding the radio with features to take some pressure, these chart-topping artists are overdue for an album. Here’s what we need to see in 2018:

Nicki Minaj

Despite having verses on some of 2017’s top tracks like Migos’ “Motorsport” and Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up,” 2018 marks four years since the release of Minaj’s third studio album, “The Pinkprint.” With the rise of Cardi B as the new princess of rap last year, 2018 is set be the year of the female rap royalty.


In 2015, the alternative singer-songwriter from Ireland was topping American pop charts with his politically-charged song “Take Me to Church.” The hit came from his 2014 breakout, self-titled album, “Hozier.” For months, the singer’s hypnotic vocals seemed to play on every radio station before he seemed to disappear from the music scene altogether.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan started his career as a YouTube sensation, creating a fan base that launched his first album, “Blue Neighborhood,” to major success. The 2015 project featured Sivan’s pop anthem “Youth” and a collaboration with Alessia Cara, “WILD,” that made both fandoms explode. Sivan followed up the first album with an international tour and just announced the coming release of his new single, “My My My,” on Thursday.