29° 82° In The Swamp gave out free pineapple and ginger shots and offered different specials every hour during its grand opening Monday.

The restaurant, which was previously called 3 Natives, welcomed customers with a new name and menu since it changed Nov. 11, according to Alligator archives.The owner parted ways with the franchise 3 Natives LLC, manager Steve Taylor said. Although the menu and name changed, Taylor said the store, located at 1023 W University Ave., has the same staff and management.

“We’ve had really positive reactions,” Taylor said. “(People) can expect the same environment, the same friendly staff and awesome new menu items with the same tasty, healthy food.”

Some of the new menu options include acai squares, toasted muffins, banana bread, bagels, wraps and smoothies, Taylor said. The most popular items since the change have been the 352 and 561 acai squares. The 352 is $8 and has acai, granola, banana, blueberry, strawberry and pineapple, and the 561 is $8.25 and has the same ingredients plus peanut butter, Taylor said.

“We’re putting more emphasis on health,” Taylor said. “We want to serve very healthy food that tastes good.”

The restaurant is also offering its customers a loyalty reward system based on punch cards, Taylor said. If customers buy 10 bowls, they get one free, and if they buy 10 juices, they get one free.

Kathryn Kvols and her husband Brian Harper went to the restaurant’s grand opening with Coda, their Pomeranian. The couple ordered acai squares, and they also got free coffee for the grand opening special.

“We didn’t know it was the grand opening,” Kvols said. “They did a beautiful job here, and the coffee was a nice touch.”

Kvols and Harper, who consider themselves regular customers, came to the restaurant once or twice a week before it changed its name from 3 Natives, Kvols said. The couple still plans on visiting as frequently.

“I like that they are offering a lot more things now,” Harper said. “I like that there is more options of things I like.”