Hannah Marjon was tired of buying overpriced swimsuits that didn’t fit, so she decided to create her own, “Baywatch” style.

The 20-year-old UF public relations sophomore said she created her own swimwear line, called “Sevenswim,” for others who couldn’t find affordable swimsuits.

The line will be available online at sevenswimwear.com on April 7.

“My swimwear line is tailored to bringing ‘Baywatch’ back,” said Marjon, who grew up near the ocean in Fort Myers, Florida. “To me, the cuts above the hips and the overall skimpy design compliments a woman’s figure of any shape or size.”

Marjon will be offering her first collection of black-and-white bikinis, with one one-piece design, for $40 to $60 a piece.

She said she’ll target Florida college students as she begins selling the suits, but she eventually wants to become an internationally known brand.

“I know I’ve made it when I can debut my line at Miami Swim Week or when a major celebrity starts wearing my suits,” Marjon said.

Kayla Rodriguez, a 20-year-old UF psychology junior, said she likes that a student her age is starting their own brand.

Like Marjon, Rodriguez struggles with finding a flattering, affordable swimsuit for her curvy figure.

“It’s always a mission to find the perfect minimal-coverage swimsuit that both doesn’t squeeze and doesn’t look like (a) diaper,” Rodriguez said. “If this swimwear line can offer comfort and style, I’m all for it.”