While UF’s chapter of Chi Phi was recently suspended from campus, the activities of three other fraternities have been restricted –– and it all stems from hazing allegations.

Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Upsilon can only host events with new members from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Excluding Delta Upsilon, events with new members must be monitored by each fraternity’s chapter advisor or the house’s landlord during University Police investigations, according to letters sent to the fraternities by Heather White, UF Dean of Students.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is also on deferred suspension, a review period that could end in suspension for at least a semester for not complying with administration rules, according to UF Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (SCCR) sanctions

The letters don’t say what the hazing allegations are or when the directive will end. 

White declined to comment because the investigations are ongoing, and Mick Earley, associate director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution referred The Alligator to UF spokesperson Steve Orlando, who could only provide White’s letters. 

The Alligator reached out to Alpha Epsilon Pi President Eric Jacobowitz, Pi Kappa Alpha President Joshua Murillo and Delta Upsilon President Jacob Fiore. They did not respond by The Alligator’s deadline. 

Pi Kappa Alpha’s letter includes a bolded paragraph warning the fraternity members against “acts of retaliation,” which include threats, harassment or any other “endangering behavior,” against anyone who reported hazing or is involved in the investigation. This paragraph was not included in the other letters. 

All three fraternities have a history of breaking UF’s Student Code of Conduct, according to the site. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi was punished for hazing in Fall 2016, providing alcohol to minors in Summer 2017 and hosting inappropriate recruitment events and activities in Spring 2018. The fraternity gave alcohol to minors again at an event and forced new members to participate in physical activity in Fall 2018. 

Pi Kappa Alpha hazed new members and distributed marijuana and prescription medication during both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. It also provided alcohol to minors at a tailgate in Fall 2018, which led to its probation until March 2019. 

Delta Upsilon provided alcohol to minors during chapter house events in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.