GPD: Mother and son robbed at home by two suspects


While one accused home invader was arrested Tuesday, the other is still on the loose.

On Feb. 5, Damian Jaques Brown, 26, of Gainesville, and another suspect knocked on a door at Meadowcrest Apartments, at 110 NW 39th Ave., and pointed a gun to a victim’s chest, according to a Gainesville Police sworn complaint.

The second suspect has not been arrested, the report said.

Brown pushed him against the wall while the other suspect went into the room of the victim’s mother and yanked her out of her bed, the report said.

The son then ran outside to a neighboring trailer to get help, the report said. When he returned, the two invaders were gone.

They stole $200, cannabis from the son’s bedroom and the mother’s purse from the living room, the report said.

The son told police that the two suspects were not wearing masks and he recognized Brown because he used to live in a trailer nearby, the report said. The other person has yet to be identified.

Brown was charged with possessing a weapon while being a felon and robbing a home with a firearm, the report said.

Brown was found guilty in 2012 for burglary of a conveyance, criminal misdemeanor, mischief greater than $200, according to court records. In 2013 he was also found guilty for dealing in stolen property of burglary.

Brown remains in the Alachua County Jail Wednesday in lieu of a $1.05 million bond.

Katherine Wallace-Fernandez, 20, covers crime and breaking news for The Alligator and is a third year English major from Miami, Fl. She likes avoiding homework, taking naps, playing on her Nintendo Switch and reading.