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Zachary Krol wants Student Government to turn his dream of more trash cans in the dining halls into a reality.

“I had some contributions to the campus that I needed to express,” said Krol, an 18-year-old UF civil engineering freshman.  

Impact and Inspire Party members set up at tables in front of the Reitz Union and on Turlington Plaza again Tuesday to collect student ideas to consider for their parties’ platforms.

The platforms will be used in the upcoming SG elections Sept. 25 and 26, where 50 student senators based on location will be elected.

The Inspire platform is expected to be released Wednesday, said Sen. Joel Kratt (Inspire, Tolbert).

“It’s just good to be talking to voters and hearing what they have to say,” Kratt said.

The Impact Party will continue gathering ideas Wednesday, said Fernando Romagosa, a party member and 20-year-old UF history junior.   

Romagosa, who helped table outside the Reitz Union, said he heard ideas to get a more reliable app and additional stops for the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol, he said.

“I not only want to be as involved as I personally can and bring about change on campus, I also want to be able to represent my peers,” Romagosa said.  

Savannah Christenberry, a 21-year-old UF business administration junior, said she asked both parties questions about what they’d done for students in the past.

“Without representation of the students, it’s hard for the faculty to know what the students want,” Christenberry said.

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