Impact Party announces executive ticket

Impact Party's executive ticket consists of Michael Murphy, 21, for Student Body president (center); Sarah Abraham, 20, for Student Body vice president (left); and Santiago Gutierrez, 20, for Student Body treasurer (right).

Michael Murphy woke up, drank a cup of coffee, called his parents and announced his bid to be Student Body president.

More than 70 people in “I Like Mike” T-shirts gathered at noon today on Plaza of the Americas to hear the announcement of Impact Party’s executive ticket. The ticket consists of Michael Murphy, 21, for Student Body president; Sarah Abraham, 20, for Student Body vice president; and Santiago Gutierrez, 20, for Student Body treasurer.

Inspire announced its executive ticket on Wednesday through Facebook. Zachariah Chou is running to be Student Body president with Gouthami Gadamsetty running for Student Body vice president and Mackintosh Joachim running for Student Body treasurer.

Murphy, who currently serves as the UF Student Senate President, said knew he wanted to be UF’s Student Body president since his first day on campus.

Besides being Senate President, Murphy previously served as the Senate Pro Tempore. Murphy said his proudest accomplishment was a resolution that gave tuition assistance to the families of first responders and military members. This amendment was added to the Florida Constitution last year.

“The role of the Student Body president is to represent all students and that is exactly what I hope to accomplish,” Murphy said.

Each member on the executive ticket has earned their position in their own way, Murphy said.

“What I think is most important is that they have their own community but also we all interact within Student Government,” Murphy said.

Sarah Abraham, a UF information systems and operation management junior, is the president of the Indian Student Association — which is affiliated with the UF Volunteers for International Affairs that has a budget of more than $140,0000 — and said she is the running to be the first Indian American to be Student Body vice president.

The Alligator contacted university spokesperson Margot Winick and SG adviser James Tyger to confirm this. Both parties were unable to confirm.

Gouthami Gadamsetty, the Inspire Party vice president candidate, is also an Indian woman.

Running for office shows that the Indian community can do so much more and can get involved beyond typical cultural organizations, Abraham said.

“My parents came to America without any dreams of me doing this,” Abraham said. “Me being able to hopefully hold this position and even run for it is so amazing,”

Abraham quoted Matthew 6:21 during her speech based on a text her mom had sent her. The verse reads: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

“She understood that UF is something I’m giving my all to, and that if I’m doing this, I need to put my heart and be the best I can be and pour my all out,” Abraham said.

Gutierrez, a UF international studies and economics junior, is a first-generation student like Abraham.

“We as children of immigrants can do what anyone else can do if we just show that we’re diligent,” Gutierrez said. “We are honest, and we are in it for the betterment of everyone — not just ourselves.”

Gutierrez previously served as treasurer, managing a budget of $120,000, and later as the chief of staff for the Hispanic Student Association.

SG elections will be held on Feb. 19 and 20.

“We’re a party that has a proven track record of getting our platforms completed. We’re a party that continues to lead and we’re a party that’s held the majority in the Senate ever since existence,” Murphy said.

When Murphy called his parents, who live in Washington D.C., Friday morning, they told him to have fun.

“This is something that we’ve been praying for so long,” Murphy said.

Hannah Beatty is a third-year journalism major and sociology minor from Jacksonville, Florida. She began at the Alligator in the fall of 2018 as a general assignment staff writer and now serves as the student government beat reporter.