Republicans dominate state, local races
U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho smiles while he waits for the final results of Florida’s 3rd Congressional District election. “I want to see the final results, but I feel good,” Yoho said.

A recent poll shows that Republican voters favor Congressman Ted Yoho despite his pledge to serve for only eight years. 

Meer Research, a firm that offers polling in the political sector, completed the research poll Nov. 20 with a sample size of 534 people. According to the poll, about 66 percent of Republican voters in Florida’s Third Congressional District, which Yoho represents, have a very favorable opinion of him. 

When Yoho first ran for Congress in 2012, he said in a political advertisement that he’ll “come home” after eight years in Washington D.C. However, he has filed a Federal Election Commission statement of candidacy form for the 2020 elections but has not announced if he is running. 

About 29 percent of Republican voters said they would be more likely to vote for him if he broke his pledge to serve four terms, according to the poll.

Alex Patton, owner of Meer Research, said the data shows how well-liked Yoho is by constituents of the Republican party.

“Obviously, the voters are saying, ‘Don’t go, Yoho,’” he said. 

Yoho’s spokesperson Kat Cammack did not reply to The Alligator when asked to comment on the poll as of Sunday evening. 

Jarrod Rodriguez, UF College Republicans treasurer, said Republicans support Yoho because “he does a good job and delivers on what they’re looking for.” 

The 20-year-old political science junior said it would be a safe bet for Yoho to be reelected instead of introducing a new representative to take his seat. 

“I think he’s one of the good guys,” Rodriguez said.