The Nerve

Mike Llerena & The Nerve is a Gainesville rock band preparing for their upcoming tour across Florida and Georgia.

Warm up your fingers, practice scale exercises and stay hydrated.

For songwriter and guitarist Mike Llerena, it’s the little things that help him get ready before a big show.  

Mike Llerena & The Nerve is a rock ’n’ roll band headlining at The Atlantic on Jan. 31 to kick off their upcoming tour that will feature weekend performances across the state of Florida and Georgia.

Llerena describes going on tour as a great adventure in more ways than one.

“In a way, going out on tour and playing these shows is a great excuse to see friends that we don’t get to see very often throughout the year,” Llerena said. “It’s a chance to visit places that we have fond memories of. It’s the chance to have a little weekend adventure for us working the normal 9-to-5 during the week.”

Heavily influenced by punk and folk music, the band got together in June 2017 while Llerena was in the process of making his fourth solo album. With Brian Jones, 43, on base, Scott Marshall, 37, on drums and Llerena, 27, writing the songs – the band immediately had amazing chemistry.

Taylor Harmon, 26, joined the band as the new drummer in the summer of 2018 when Marshall had to step down due to family matters. Together, the three-member band released their album “Old Haunts & New Horizons” in June 2018.

The subject matter from their 10-song album ranges from topics including romance, friendships and current events. Llerena said he tries to keep an element of honesty in all his songs.

This week, the band will be debuting a three-minute music video for “Crossfire,” the first single that was released off their album last year.

“The song speaks to feeling caught in the middle of two opposing sides in an argument really at its core,” Llerena said.

Mike Llerena & The Nerve, Articles and Dial Drive will perform at 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31, at The Atlantic, located at 15 N. Main St. Doors open at 8 p.m.