Road to III Points: Gainesville

The event this Friday will feature Florida-based artists and run until 1:45 a.m.

Miami music festival III Points is making a pitstop in Gainesville Friday night with the event “Road to III Points: Gainesville” at The Wooly.

This is the fourth year of this event in Gainesville. It's organized by III Points and local groups, Motor Room, Lucid Nightlife and Over Easy Creative. Road to III Points has six events happening across the state of Florida to give the local communities a sneak peak of the Miami music festival that will take place in February.

The lineup varies depending on the city, but the Gainesville experience will feature house dance music from INVT, Sinopoli, True Vine, Ascendants, Lost Vest and three local DJs.

About a month ago, organizers held a contest on Facebook to choose the DJs to perform in Road to III Points: Gainesville. The winners of the competition, ZEROSUM, DJ Banania and Dillon Rose, will play their music on one of the event’s two stages.

“Gainesville voted on their favorite local acts to perform on the silent disco stage during the event,” said Les Voss, 26, of Over Easy Creative. “III Points picked their three favorite mixes out of the top five via popular vote.”

Hae-Yang Chang, a 22-year-old UF graduate who performs as ZEROSUM, said he is especially excited for the event because it will be his first time playing silent disco.

“I'm getting together a playlist of music I want to play for the event and practicing transitions a few hours a day,” Chang said.

Ascendants, the duo of Vijaya Seixas, 28, and Shaan Saigol, 31, has played at the past three Road to III Points: Gainesville and the Miami festival the past two years. The pair produces “a mix of melodic, deep, dark and tech house” and will be performing at both concerts again this year.

If you plan to attend the event this Friday, make sure to wear your shuffling shoes and chug a caffeinated drink because it runs from 9 p.m. to 1:45 a.m. It costs $10.

“I hope that people let loose for the night,” Chang said. “And just dance their hearts out.”