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It’s always easy to get to it tomorrow.

Let’s talk about that tomorrow. We come up with thousands of reasons to do something tomorrow. But, what if tomorrow could be today?

We have this moment right now—today—to make a commitment to act. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering what fall is really going to be like. Yes, we’re going to need to see our friends with face coverings, stay physically distant, and repeatedly use hand sanitizer.

Yet, things can change even faster if we don’t actively slow the spread of coronavirus. This is exactly why I am calling on every Gator to take action. Do your part by joining the #IPledgeFlorida initiative. You can here.

In partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, the #IPledgeFlorida initiative is a grassroots accountability campaign designed to protect our Gainesville community. The University of Florida students, faculty, and staff have a critical role in reducing the spread of COVID-19. We want you to demonstrate your commitment to keeping the University of Florida community in good health by taking the pledge and honoring it during the upcoming semester.

Whether you are a student coming back to campus, joining us from a distance, or are a member of Gator Nation, we ask you to join us in committing to simple actions that will create a culture of care for our community.

As Gators we have this responsibility, but we are not alone. I am excited that the students at Santa Fe College and the leadership of the City of Gainesville are also leading the charge to ensure our community is keeping one another accountable.

So, what’s holding you back until tomorrow? Sign the pledge today!

Trevor Pope is the UF Student Body president.