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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


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More people Tasered than Meyer

In light of the police report being released, I hope that people will realize that the Meyer Tasering incident was not about First Amendment rights. To say that a person who was able to ask a question even though the allotted question-and-answer time was over, who saw it fit that his questions were more important than the people ahead of him and was able to yell questions at Kerry for a good bit of time before he said "blowjob" was somehow robbed of his First Amendment rights is ridiculous. The police did not remove him for being too controversial or for asking the "tough questions" but for being a belligerent, petulant kid who had complete disregard for the established etiquette of a forum. He was disruptive, and it became clear after watching the video that he didn't really want answers from Kerry, just to stump him. Tasering him was not warranted, but removing him was. If people really want to be outraged about Tasering, they should read about the pregnant woman who was Tasered in her belly in Gainesville recently.

Florida Alligator

UPD acted to protect speech attendees

Kudos to Kyle Cox on his commentary regarding UF student Andrew Meyer. Thank you for covering many points the media failed to address during their biased audio clips. Anyone who has viewed the full-length videos of the incident would have to admit there were multiple non-forceful steps taken prior to Tasering Meyer. These steps, although unsuccessful, included asking him to step away from the microphone, turning the microphone off, attempting to peacefully escort him out, attempting to secure and handcuff him and warning him prior to Tasering. The video also showed at the time of the Tasering, Meyer's left arm not secured behind his back, but rather stretched out where he was using it to brace himself in a clear attempt to resist arrest.

Florida Alligator

Thanks to Technology

We'd be lying if we said we weren't overwhelmed with the response to Monday's event. We're overwhelmed with the work it's generated for our newsroom, but mostly we're overwhelmed by the community's response.

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