Krishna Lunch

Spaghetti Wednesdays are gone. Hare Krishna is responding to numerous student complaints that the iconic Wednesday meal was hard to eat, by changing to an easier pasta meal.

Serving around 900 students on the Plaza of the Americas on Wednesdays, Krishna Lunch recently removed spaghetti day from their weekly lunch menu.

Nancy “Nanda” Coffin, 47-year-old service manager of the Krishna House, said the menu changes based on feedback from students who complained the spaghetti was difficult to eat.

“Spaghetti day we’ve been doing for many years and we noticed people weren’t coming around as much as they usually do for spaghetti day so we thought we needed a change,” Coffin said.

The Wednesday menu will now consist of penne pasta and a chunkier, more savory sauce.

Coffin said switching from spaghetti to penne has been well-received by guests because it tastes better and is easily accessible for students on the go.

“We had more people this past Wednesday and the lines were shorter because it was served so quickly, so I think in all respects it’s more convenient for everybody,” Coffin said.

Anika Huda, a 21-year-old UF visual art studies senior, comes every week to enjoy Krishna Lunch but she was never a fan of spaghetti day.

“To be honest, I think spaghetti days are the most boring day,” Huda said. “I just like the other days more and I think the food is better and flavorful.”

Huda prefers Tuesday’s menu, which features Kofta balls with rice and vegetables.  

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