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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Warren Rhea

Florida Alligator

Public option not only solution

Joseph Trimboli makes some good points in his letter to the editor, "People entitled to health care," until he says anyone who opposes the public option is either being paid off by the insurance companies or enjoys killing their fellow Americans.

Florida Alligator

Jesus neither liberal nor conservative

In response to Paul Murty: Like most fair-minded people, Jesus was both a liberal on some issues and a conservative on others. He felt a great drive to understand and help the poor. He also spoke of his admiration and respect for soldiers in service of their country. He tells us to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's." Here we can see a broad range of reasonable views emphasized to different degrees by both liberals and conservatives.

Florida Alligator

Pakistan not important for everyone

In response to Anuradha Pandey's column Tuesday, so what? I happen to be one American who knows what's happening in Pakistan, and that's why I support those who don't care. Your generalizations about most Americans being close-minded and careless aside, I'm sorry some of us don't reel in shock after hearing about yet another country plagued by fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.Please stop trying to make us all feel bad because you think you're the only one who is informed about the world. There are others. And please stop berating Americans about their political knowledge by assuming foreigners know our domestic politics better than we do.

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